If your building is over 15 years old, chances are you will need to replace your piping in the next few years. Patching leaks resolves immediate problems, but is typically costly and disruptive. And while any plumber can install copper pipe, only an experienced company has the knowledge and skill to replace pipe in a finished building occupied by residents. A poorly executed job can result in costly repairs due to unecessary demolition work and a long list of angry residents.

Brady and Seidner specializes in:

  • Replacement of Domestic Water Systems
  • Mains, Risers & Mechanical Rooms
  • Minimal openings resulting in reduced damages to finishes
  • Less disruption and down time
  • Technicians skilled in both condos and apartments

There are three key elements to a successful re-pipe project:

  • Experience
  • Planning
  • Execution


In order to better service our customers, we established a division dedicated to building re-pipe and riser replacement work. A dedicated division ensures that the technicians have extensive experience with all aspects of re-pipe work and will remain on-site full time until the project is completed. 


Next to the budget, the biggest concern is the disruption to resident’s daily lives. Residents continue to live in their units during “construction work”; If not properly planned, superintendents and building managers can often spend more time managing tenant’s concerns, than actually managing the building.

At Brady & Seidner, we ensure that each step of the project is properly organized well in advance of construction. From a pre-construction tenant meeting to individual suite walk-throughs, every tenant understands each step of the project.

We focus on a specific area within the building so that the crew can be in and out the suite in a matter of days rather than weeks. During construction every inch of floor space and walls in the work area are covered with plastic to minimize dust. Every evening, each unit is cleaned up and plastic removed to ensure that residents live as trouble-free as possible when they arrive home.


We pride ourselves in minimizing costly repairs to the suite. We come up with creative solutions which reduce the size and location of all openings and thus lessen repair costs to architectural finishes (including tile, paint, murals, cabinets, etc…). Each opening is planned in advance and even the most demanding and fussy residents are amazed at the quality of our work and our attention to detail.

Our approach is not just to perform the repair but also to work with the owners, engineers and property managers in an attempt to prevent the problem from re-occurring. We redesign the system to operate more efficiently, thereby maximizing its life and reducing your operating costs.