Building Repipe Frequently Asked Questions

How do I proceed to find a contractor?

There are normally two ways to proceed:

  1. Selecting a contractor such as Brady & Seidner who have a history and track record of installations similar to yours. Be sure to ask for a list of previous customers for your reference.
  2. Select a professional mechanical engineering firm with re-pipe experience. Have them create a full tender package for qualified re-pipe companies.

How long does it take to re-pipe a building?

Depending on the number of floors and quantity of risers, it can take from as little as 4 weeks to as long as 5 months.

Do you have to work in my unit?

In a total re-pipe of a building access to your suite is required. You will not have to be present, and security is usually provided by the property manager. All our mechanics have proper ID badges, and are signed in and out of the building. You are also notified in writing of our schedule well ahead of our arrival.

Which areas in my suite are affected by re-piping?

In most instances bathrooms and kitchens are affected. Most times our work is performed under the vanities and countertops minimizing exposed wall openings.

Will I be without water in my suite?

Water for each riser will be shut off for a short period of time while work is being performed; however we work on the kitchen or bathroom riser separately so water is always available in the suite.

Who cleans up?

Our forces clean up on an ongoing basis, included vacuuming of carpets etc. All floors and walls are protected prior to our work commencing.